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Our airly banquet room invites celebrations,
featuring innovative menus and inventive table décor

Seeming like they are floating 155m above ground on the 36th floor, the hotel’s top floor, are the Sky Banquet Rooms. They promise a luxurious time for gatherings with elegant cuisine prepared featuring lavish amounts of ingredients produced in Hokkaido and expansive windows overlooking the streets of Sapporo. Banquets that will last long in memories and meetings that form strong bonds and relations. You can choose from among three banquet rooms, depending on the purpose of your gathering, such as meeting, meeting dinners, training sessions, and lectures. In addition, it is also possible to rent out the entire 36th floor, including all the banquet rooms and foyers to create the exact style of layout you envision. You can entrust your upcoming gathering, even international MICE events, to our highly-experienced Meeting Planning Team and Banquet Service Staff who will devote their entire efforts to ensuring your business success.

*A smoking ban in all banquet halls.

Sky Banquet Rooms(36F)

Sky Banquet Room TAIYOU

Sky Banquet Room “TAIYOU”

“TAYOU” in Japanese means “sun.” Surrounded by sky, this is the largest banquet room on the Sky Banquet Floor, located on the west side. It can be used for a broad range of events, including formal and buffet-style parties, as well as conventions, seminars, and exhibitions. Also, depending on the purpose and number of guests of your event, the room can be divided into two sections.

  Floor area (m²) Seated Classroom Meeting
Entire room 304 180 180 84
1/2 room 149 90 72 48
taiyou seat whole

Layout example:
160 guests seated using entire room

taiyou school half

Layout example: 112 guests classroom style

Sky Banquet Room TSUKI

Sky Banquet Room “TSUKI”

““TSUKI” means “moon” in Japanese, but here it is a banquet room in the northeast part of the floor, perfect for business meetings, information meetings, and wedding and private parties for small groups. A multi-functional room you can use according to the purpose of your gathering and number of guests.

  Floor area (m²) Seated Classroom Meeting
Entire room 75 40 42 32
tsuki seat whole

Layout example: 40 guests seated

Sky Banquet Room HOSHI

Sky Banquet Room “HOSHI”

Meaning “star” in Japanese, HOSHI is a banquet room located in the southeast part of the floor.

  Floor area (m²) Seated Classroom Meeting
Entire room 60 30 24 22
hoshi seat whole

Layout example: 30 guests seated