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FAQ about infection prevention measures (As of June 2020)


Dear our valued customer,

As the effects of COVID-19 continue to affect our daily lives, we are taking various measures to ensure the safety and security of our customers and employees at JR tower hotel nikko sapporo.

We will continue to work together with our customers to create a safe and secure environment while fulfilling our social responsibilities as a public institution in order to meet the needs of our customers who require the use of the hotel during this difficult time.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude for your cooperation in our efforts.

All of our staff will do our utmost to make your stay safe, comfortable and even more wonderful.
We hope you have a pleasant and relaxing time at JR tower hotel nikko sapporo.


Frequently asked questions about infection prevention measures (As of June 2020)

*Systems and measures may change depending on the situation. For the latest information, please contact the hotel staff or check the hotel website.


Q1. What kind of cleaning/disinfection do you do?

-In addition to regular cleaning using a surfactant-containing detergent, the areas that are touched by many people (e.g. elevator buttons, doorknobs, room keys, writing instruments, etc.) are sprayed and wiped down with a highly concentrated alcohol disinfectant solution.

Q2. What measures are being taken with regard to employee hygiene and infection prevention?

-We check the physical condition of employees by measuring their daily temperature and filling out a company-specified “health check sheet.”

-Employees wear a mask while commuting to work and while performing their duties.

-We are strictly enforcing frequent hand washing and hand disinfection.

-Depending on the department, employees may be required to wear gloves or face shields when performing  their duties.

-Depending on the position, we have partially introduced remote work and staggered hours.

-Participation in internal and external events, social gatherings, and unnecessary and no urgent business trips are postponed or canceled.

Q3. What measures have been taken to protect the health of hotel guests?

・We have posted notices of proper behaviors in accordance with the “New Hokkaido Style” (*) at various locations to alert our guests.

*What is “New Hokkaido Style”?
It is an action plan established by the Hokkaido Government in order to practice a “new lifestyle” in Hokkaido which is part of an initiative set out by the government of Japan. This is an initiative in cooperation with the people of Hokkaido and businesses to reform our lifestyles and business styles to reduce the risk of infection throughout Hokkaido.

-Hand sanitizer has been placed in various places including the hotel entrance.

-We ask for your cooperation in recognizing the marks we have installed at the front desk, in front of the cashier of each Food & Beverage outlet, on the floor of elevators, and etc. They are placed so as to ensure each guest has sufficient personal space (social distance).

-We have suspended use of the hand dryer in the restroom and installed disposable paper towels.

-The ventilation will be carried out using air conditioning equipment.

Q4. How do you check the health of hotel guests?

-Body temperature measuring devices are installed at front counter, elevator hall on the first floor, and etc. to check the health of visitors.

-Please refrain from using Banquet Rooms(Meeting, Party, Wedding Reception etc.), Restaurants and Bar, Spa, Hair Salon, Esthetic Salon, if you have a body temperature of 37.5℃(Celsius)/99.5℉(Fahrenheit) or higher.

-If we receive notification that a guest is unwell, we will respond in accordance with the “industry guidelines”and, after obtaining the consent of the guest, promptly contact the public health center and follow their instructions.

-A non-contact thermometer is available.

Q5. What kind of measures are taken at the restaurants, spas, and banquet halls?


-A temperature measuring device and a hand sanitizer are installed at the store.

-We have made arrangements for some tables and chairs to not be available for use as well as reducing the number of tables and chairs so that there is more space in between guests.

-A transparent partition board is installed at the cashier counter.

-Cash, credit cards, IC cards, membership cards, receipts, etc. will not be handed to you directly, but will be delivered using a coin tray.

-We have removed newspapers and magazines that were installed in the shared space and are refraining from providing them for the time being.


-Depending on the number of guests, reservations and entry may be restricted.

-When dishes are being served buffet style, we will request that disposable vinyl gloves be worn and we will increase the frequency common items such as tongs are switched out.

[Spa, Hair Salon, Esthetic Salon]

-The number of people entering the spa is limited to 30 people for each gender.

-We stopped putting spare towels and indoor clothes on the shelves in the locker room, and will be placing them individually in the lockers beforehand.

-For hair salons, “Guidelines for preventing the spread of COVID-19 in the barber industry” (National Federation of Barbers and Health Hygiene Associations), for beauty salons, “Guidelines for dealing with COVID-19 in beauty salons” (Japan Esthetic Organization, Japan Esthetic Promotion Association) will be referred to for taking sanitary measures such as disinfection.

[Banquet Rooms]

-In the banquet hall, we have put forward a venue layout with space between tables and chairs to maintain distance between guests, which uses approximately 50% of the conventional maximum capacity as a guide.

-The banquet dishes will be prepared in small batches beforehand, and the hotel staff will handle the food instead of the guests.

-In addition to the furniture inside the venue, such as door knobs, tables, chairs, and podiums, we also sanitize equipment used by customers such as microphones and cloakroom tickets.

-For meetings between the banquet secretary and our staff, we recommend using telephone, email, fax, online meetings, etc. A transparent partition is installed in the meeting space for banquets and weddings.

Q6. Can travelers from overseas also stay?

-As of June 2020, the government, the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, and the Quarantine Station have placed a limits on the actions of passengers entering Japan on flights departing from infected areas designated by the government for 14 days counting from the date of entry. This hotel is also taking steps to prevent the spread of infection, so if you have traveled within the last 14 days, please be sure to inform us at the time of reservation and check-in. In order to reduce the risk of spread of infection, we ask such guests to stay in their guest room after arrival at the hotel. Furthermore, leaving the room unnecessarily and use of various areas such as the restaurant will not be permitted. If you feel unwell during your stay, such as a fever, please call the front desk immediately. While staying with us, if you are unable to comply with the requests of the hotel or if the hotel is unable accommodate you, we will consult with the relevant government agency and take necessary actions.


We would like to express our sincere gratitude for your cooperation in our efforts.

All of our staff will do our utmost to make your stay safe, comfortable and even more wonderful.
We hope you have a pleasant and relaxing time at JR tower hotel nikko sapporo.